Forlife Stump Tea Pot

Hard waring teapots with a permanently attached lid.


The Forlife Stump Tea Pot is a hard waring teapot, which comes with a permanently attached lid so it won’t fall off when you poor your tea. It also comes with a removable basket infuser which itself comes with a handle for easy access to control infusing time but also makes it easier for washing. It is ideal for loose tea but will also work with a teabag.

Dishwasher safe

With its 530ml capacity, it holds enough for 2 tea cups or a generous mug full or if you prefer the smaller 400ml, that’s perfect for 1 cup.


Black, Blue, Burgandy, Carrot, Coral, Grey, Lime, Plum, Red, Turquoise, White


13oz (400ml), 18oz (530ml)

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