The Blend tea and coffee sUBSCRIPTION

Get carefully selected tea and/or coffee sent to you automatically every month with the Blend Club

An Introduction

The Blend Clubs are a subscription service where we’ll select different teas or coffees every month and send them to your home or office.

You’ll get to try something new every month and, if you like what you’re tasting, you can buy more at special members-only prices.

There’s no long-term contracts, you can cancel at any time.

The Coffee Club

The Blend Coffee Club gives you the opportunity to taste and discover a new coffee origin every month.

We carefully select ethically-sourced coffees from around the world that are freshly roasted and delivered to your door, together with taste profiles and brewing information.

You may also be lucky enough to receive the occasional free gift from us.

If you like what you’ve tried, and want to order more from our website, you will get a members-only discount code.

So if you’re interested in exploring coffees from around the world, that are not found anywhere else, then we’d love to have you on board.

Coffee Subscription (includes p&p)

  • Bronze : 1 x 250g bag ~ £8.50 / month
  • Silver : 2 x 250g bags ~ £14.95 / month
  • Gold : 3 x 250g bags ~ £19.95 / month

The Tea Club

The Blend Tea Club gives you the opportunity to try out some exciting new teas.

Each month, we will send you a selection of different loose teas ranging from Black teas and Green teas to fruit and herbal teas in 100g bags and if you’re not a fan of making loose tea, (although you do get by far a better cup of tea), we will also include some empty teabags for you to make your tea in.

You will also receive details about your tea along with brewing information, making sure you get the best experience.

So if you’re up for trying out some new flavours, then we’d love to have you on board.

Tea Subscription (includes p&p)

  • Bronze : 2 x 100g bags ~ £8.50 / month
  • Silver : 3 x 100g bags ~ £14.95 / month
  • Gold : 4 x 100g bags ~ £19.95 / month

how to join

To join the club you simply:

  1. Complete the form below with your membership preferences and delivery details.
  2. When you click on the ‘Next’ button you’ll be directed to our GoCardless Direct Debit system.
  3. Input your direct debit details
  4. We’ll be in touch once we receive details of your direct debit setup.

N.B. The Blend Club is for UK delivery only.

Please complete this form with your details and delivery address:

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