Starter Gift Set for Coffee Drinkers


Our starter Gift Set for coffee drinkers is presented in a wicker basket, and includes a 3 cup, demi-tasse (small cup) cafetière, and 2 bags of Coffee

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Our starter Gift Set is great for coffee drinkers and is presented in a wicker basket, which includes a 3 cup, demi-tasse (small cup) cafetière and 2 bags of Coffee.

The Cafetière is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, and rust-resistant stainless steel. The holder and filter are hand-wash only, but the jug is removable and dishwasher safe.

Care instructions are included.

The coffee included will be 250g bags ready ground for cafetière and will be our Colombian roast. A smooth, dark roast, 100% Arabica, and a Pilgrim Blend, a full bodied 100% Arabica from Central America

(If you would prefer a decaf coffee, please message me. We are more than happy to swap it for you).

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